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Welcome.  I am so glad that you found this page.  Whether you are an individual who is struggling with relationship or sexuality issues, or someone who is struggling with pregnancy/birth related issues, I hope that you are able to find the guidance and help that you are seeking here.  


Through my clinical work as a trauma therapist, I have developed a special interest in working with women and their partners who are experiencing emotional difficulties following pregnancy/childbirth.  In addition to working with women and their partners, I also work with care providers such as doulas and nurses, midwives, and physicians to help them overcome distress that they experience as a result of what they witness in their training and work.


Aside from my work with birth related issues, I also see individuals who are struggling with non-birth related issues.  I have over 13 yrs of experience working with individuals and couples who are experiencing difficulties in relationships for various reasons.  I love helping clients explore and change the patterns in their relationships that are getting in the way of them having the connections that they desire. 


I aim to work respectfully with my clients, supporting them as they explore their unique experiences in a holistic way to help manage feelings and gain a new perspectives.


In addition to my private office, I currently have offices at 2 different wellness centers in Portland.  Each of these centers offer holistic health care options such as chiropractic care, massage therapy, naturopatic care, and midwifery care.  Please visit their websites to learn more (,  I am in network with Pacificsource private insurance.  I am also able to accept Familycare OHP, all Healthshare OHP plans (Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid) and Open Card OHP.  






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